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After all of the hard work and stress, the big day is almost here, and you can’t wait to move into your dream home. We’ve made a list of the most important things you need to do before you move to make the process go more smoothly. Being ready is indeed a blessing.

Here are the Tips on how to plan a move into your dream home:

  • Start sorting: Start looking around each room to figure out what needs to be taken with you and what needs to be thrown away. Don’t fill your new home with too much stuff. Start getting rid of furniture and other items that you haven’t used in a long time.

  • Do some research on the mover: It’s best to hire a reputable moving company to help you pack, move, and store your things. You can find reviews of movers on different community forums, which can help you choose one. Do think about your budget, but don’t let that stop you from hiring a good company. After all, moving your things from your old home to your new home is a big part of moving.

  • Start getting boxes and packing materials: Start packing things early so there isn’t a lot of chaos on the day you move into your new home. To do this, buy or start collecting cartons, boxes, bubble wrap, and anything else you might need for packing. The best way to pack is in cardboard boxes that your name or number. Marker pens could also be useful for this task. You could also get out all of your suitcases and see if you need to buy more to fit all of your things.

  • Consume perishable things: Begin consuming items with a short shelf life. This could be things like food that goes bad or cleaning supplies.

  • Take measurements: Make sure you measure each room in your new house and compare them to the rooms in your old house. This will help you decide if the furniture you already have will fit in your new home. Also, make sure that all of your big and bulky furniture can fit through the door of your new home. If not, you’d have to figure out how to get them through balconies.

  • Start packing: To make the best use of your time, start packing early. Wrap each item well with enough layers of wrapping paper, bubble wrap, or clothes, if possible. To keep things from breaking, put the heavier things on the bottom and the lighter things on top. Get as many things as you can into each box to reduce how many boxes you need. Make sure you put things in different groups, like clothes, utensils, valuables, kitchenware, appliances, and other things. Put these in cartons and boxes with clear labels so that unpacking won’t be a mess.

  • Keep your valuables and important documents safe: Keep your jewelry, passport, birth certificate, and other valuables and important documents in a separate folder or box. On a moving day, make sure to keep this box with your important things with you.

Change the locks: As a safety measure, you should always change the locks on the outside of your new home. The people who lived there before may have made extra copies of their keys and given them to family, friends, and neighbors.

  • Change of address: Now that you’ve finished packing and are getting ready to move to a new place, make sure the people who matter know about your new address. You also need to get your license, passport, and any other important documents updated with your new address. There are a lot of people and groups who need you to give them your new address. Some of these might be:

  1. Family and friends
  2. Employer
  3. School
  4. Doctor
  5. Bank
  6. Company for gas, water, and electricity
  7. Communications and cell phone company
  8. Satellite/Cable operator

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