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The real estate market offers a wide range of possibilities, making it challenging to choose one that fits your needs in terms of price, location, and other factors. Real estate portals can be very beneficial in this regard. To receive results that meet your needs, you must know how to use the portals optimally, which includes selecting the appropriate filters.

Deal Acres serves as a link between buyers and the homes of their dreams. It is an online real estate classifieds website that encompasses numerous reputable real estate brokers, owners, and developers. By combining deep market knowledge and the foresight that comes from experience, our integrated team of Consultants & Property Experts assists you in making the best decisions possible. Each member of the team is dedicated to providing Residential property services to our clients that are tailored to their individual needs and goals, resulting in a unique experience for each of them.

Find your ideal home at Deal Acres:

1. Create an account at Deal Acres

Creating an account on the website is the first step. Simply type in your name, and email address, then choose an easy-to-remember password. You can use this to look for properties, contact real estate brokers, or speak with property owners directly.

To begin your property search if you have already registered with, just enter your email address as your username and password.

2. Use the database to search for a suitable home and receive a wide range of possibilities.

Use the Deal Acres user-friendly search bar to look for residential and commercial property that is for sale or rent. Users of the Homepage can browse for any kind of residential or commercial format, including:

  • Residential apartment
  • independent villa
  • builder floor
  • residential plot
  • commercial shop
  • Residential apartment

Filters can be added to your search to make it easier to find the best results. For instance, as shown below, you can filter and choose the location, the stage of development, the price range, and the number of bedrooms. This not only helps you focus your search but also gives you the choice to see images or videos of the projects for added transparency. For the best outcomes, Deal Acres regularly assesses the filter choices. There are also more parameters available, including relevancy, amenities, furnishing preference, floor number, and sale type.

3. Research on current projects in well-known areas

You can also access upcoming, ready-to-move, and ongoing projects across the NCR through the platform. You only need to choose the neighborhood, city, pricing range, and configuration. When you click on the project specifics, you will be sent to the project microsite, where you can access further data including project amenities, floor plans, and reviews and discussions of the project and the neighborhood. 

4. Additional resources to improve your experience

Deal Acres use cutting-edge features to further improve user experience by combining market research, consumer behavior analysis, and expertise in the digital space. On the website, you can choose a property using a variety of interactive features. With a wealth of information on the most recent real estate trends, the section is a universe unto itself. The following categories make up the section:

  • Article – Deal Acres has a dedicated blog that tells about what is happing in the real estate sector.
  • Guides: Deal Acres provides manuals for buyers, sellers, and renters that explain every step of the purchasing, selling, and renting processes. These instructions are complete and contain everything.

The forum serves as a venue for property owners and seekers to communicate. In order to find out the truth about various projects, locations, and properties, buyers can ask their doubts, questions, and concerns in this forum.

Disclaimer: The opinions shown above are mainly for informational reasons and are based on market research. Deal Acres is not responsible for any actions made as a result of relying on the provided material and makes no representations as to its accuracy, completeness, or reliability.

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