How to Sell a Property on Deal Acres?

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The most effective way to connect with prospective customers who need to buy, rent or sell a property is through property listings. The top properties from the pool of real estate listings can be shortlisted by homebuyers or tenants.

Why Deal Acres?

Buyers are continually improving their search for houses on online portals where they may filter their results based on their needs as the real estate search process becomes more digitized.

As a seller, you require a website that collects numerous visitor inquiries, guarantees visibility, and gives you the tools to write about, prominently advertise, and display images and videos of the property you wish to sell.

You can only sell your property quickly and easily with Deal Acres. Deal Acres emerged first when searching for one of the best free real estate listing websites in India. Deal Acres is one of the friendliest and fastest-growing real estate websites in India. now, with some of the simple and easy facilities for uploading your property. When it comes to the free property listing, it can be difficult to choose one that will actually help you rent or sell your residential or commercial property.

Therefore, a builder, owner, or agent does not need to spend hours attempting to rent out their home online or sell it online. It only takes a few minutes to list a piece of property. Deal Acres has a significant amount of traffic, with thousands of potential homebuyers and renters visiting the website each day. Deal Acres can help you sell your home rapidly.

What Benefits are Provided to Sellers by Deal Acres?

Free Property Listing

When looking for a home, a buyer has numerous inquiries. What is the property’s configuration, such as 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, etc.? What floor is it on? Does it also include parking for cars? How does the property’s living room look like? so on.

Deal Acres gives you the simple option of showcasing all the significant details about your property, including those listed above and many more, to make it simpler for buyers to assess and shortlist their options.

You can include information about the property (such as the carpet area, layout, floor number, and amenities), images and videos of the property, as well as your contact information, in your listing. Up to thousands of genuine and interested customers respond to approved property listings.

Property Approval

You also receive the benefit of having approved property. when you advertise it on Deal Acres. By improving the visibility of your advertisement, this service strengthens the authenticity of your offering and helps in attracting genuine buyers.

How to List a Property on Deal Acres?

We would advise you to register before you start posting the property so that we can send you the responses for the property.

Then Login before you start posting the property so you can post the property. Once logged in, follow the below steps to post a property.

  • Step 1: you have to click on ‘submission’ for posting your property
  • Step 2: Now you have to select the Stater plan and click on ‘Get Started
  • Step 3: Fill in the details required to add a new property.
  • Step 4: Add the proper ‘location’ Of Your Property
  • Step 5: Add property ‘photos & video’ of your property
  • Step 6: Add ‘Amenities’ to your property
  • Step 7: Add a ‘Floor Plan’ of your property if you have one. It’s not compulsory.
  • Step 8: Click on ‘Save & Preview’ to save your property
  • Step 9: Click on ‘submit property’ and then we will publish your property within 12 hours.

How Do I Sell a Property on Deal Acres for Sell?

You may list one property for free on Deal Acres as a proprietor. You can use the site to post your property in just a few easy steps. Want Deal Acres to feature your home for sale

Contact us by email at [email protected] if you have difficulty filling out the listing form.

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