Safety Tips for Site Visits in COVID-19

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Safety tips for site visits in Covid – 19 As Homebuyers usually don’t feel comfortable making a big purchase, like buying a house, without first seeing it physically. So, property visits are still an important part of the home-buying process, even though the pandemic is still going on.

Even though video tours can be helpful in the early stages of choosing a property, it is very unlikely that a deal will be made based only on the virtual experience. A potential buyer still needs to see the property before making a decision. So, as a seller, you need to be ready to set up a site visit that is safe for you and the people coming to see you. During the COVID-19 crisis, here are some useful tips and tricks you can use to get ready for a site visit.

Ensuring safety tips for a site visit during covid-19

Based on the guidelines that the Central Government of India and the World Health Organization (WHO) have put out to fight COVID-19, you can do the following things to keep yourself and others safe and to give your property a good chance of selling.

1. Avoid surprise visits – Only real homebuyers should be allowed to visit the property, and it’s better to set up a well-planned meeting. To lower your chance of getting sick, don’t show up unannounced or just walk in. You should be able to keep the place clean if you give at least a day’s notice and a follow-up call before the visit.

2. Don’t have group visits – Set a limit on how many people can visit a site at a certain time. Talk to potential buyers and set up appointments with them ahead of time to avoid group visits. You can also use the phone or email to ask the following questions to figure out the risk factor:

  • Do you feel like you have the flu?
  • Are you having trouble breathing?
  • Have you been to another country lately?
  • Have you been diagnosed with covid-19?

It would be better if you also told potential buyers about these things. This will make them less worried about spreading the virus, and they will look forward to the home visit.

3. Complete home sanitization – The main reason for a site visit is to make sure that all the outlets are working. So, people who come to the property might turn on the switch lights or open the windows and doors to get a better look at it. But touching different surfaces can make it more likely that a virus will spread. So, it is very important to clean your home well before and after the visits. To make sure everyone is safe, clean all the places people often touch, like doorknobs, switchboards, faucets, doors, and windows.

4. The rules for personal hygiene – Make a place to clean up at the front of your house. Keep a kit of hand sanitizer and disposable gloves on the property for people who come to visit, and make sure everyone follows the rules. For trash, you will also need a trash can outside the house. Also, keep the windows open or use air filters to make sure your home has enough airflow.

5. How to dress – If the virus arrives on your exposed skin, you are more likely to get sick than if it lands on your clothes. So, cover most of your body with masks and clothing. Both you and the guests have to follow these rules. Face shields can also be used for extra protection, but they are not enough on their own. Under a face shield, you must always wear a mask.

6. How to meet and greet – Even though the trendy elbow bump and foot shake might not be right for this situation, a friendly word would be enough. Stay at least six feet away from each other during the home tour and don’t shake hands at all to avoid spreading viruses.

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